Kid Friendly….Oh Yeah!

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A lot of people think we are a hard-core MUSKIE camp!  Well, we are, but we also cater to all fishing groups.  We certainly enjoy our family and youth groups that come to Nielsen’s Fly-In Lodge and have started traditions that are making memories!

Just see for yourself below…

We specialize in kids, family and corporate groups and the occasional hard-core fishing types too!

~ Don

Year “4”

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Year “3”


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DSC_0050 CSC_0132 DSC_0045











Year “2”

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Year “1”

DSC01227 DSC01212 DSC01194 DSC01168 DSC01141 DSC01133 DSC01129 DSC01110


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Pat Alexander along with his wife Cheryl and two sons, own and operate Alexander's on Rowan Lake. Alexander's Fly-In Lodge is a wilderness fishing camp located northeast of Nestor Falls, Ontario. Rowan Lake offers exceptional fishing for lake trout, walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and world-class trophy muskie.