Life on a Island…

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Spending five months out of the year on a wilderness island is about as good as it gets!

Running a remote lodge has lot’s of challenges and so many great rewards and it seems we always have a list of projects to do around camp.  This year is no different as we really needed to replace the shop floor down at the docks and the log boat ramps needed replacing.  We try to squeeze these projects in when everyone is out fishing and between groups coming to camp.  Last week we dove in and got the shop floor and boat racks in with out any casualties :).

We have more projects on our never ending list of to do’s, but getting these two projects done was a big relief!

Big thanks to our crew for getting the job done!

~ Don


New Boat Ramps


Shop Floor project getting started


New Shop Floor finished


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Pat Alexander along with his wife Cheryl and two sons, own and operate Alexander's on Rowan Lake. Alexander's Fly-In Lodge is a wilderness fishing camp located northeast of Nestor Falls, Ontario. Rowan Lake offers exceptional fishing for lake trout, walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and world-class trophy muskie.