Quick Early August Rowan Lake Fishing Report

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Just a quick report…

The weeds are exploding in 12-16 feet of water now as the surface temps are in the low 70’s.  I fished nothing connected to shore the other day and focused our efforts on all main lake reefs and found the BIG girls just lounging around out there.  We saw 11 put one in the net and should have had three that day… that’s fishing!   The interesting thing was that it was 71 degrees down to 18 ft and 60 degrees at 24 ft , so that’s why the big fish are not very far down and out there just roaming a round.   Things are shaping up nicely for that Aug-Sept bite.

Excellent lake trout fishing still going on and everyone is getting bass.  Jeff’s pic below of a nice laker and his son Chris released a giant 53.5″ x 28″ Rowan Lake Muskie yesterday!  We received a couple of Email muskies pics from the Helmick brothers and Rick Vaughan back from their June trips up here!  Thanks guys!

So many guests are now using their smart phones to take their fish pics and go home w/o leaving a copy here….please send me your pics and we’ll post them here on the website!

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Thanks for checking in!   More later as I’ve got guys waiting on the dock ready to go to work out there!!

~ Don

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Jeff’s 9 lb lake trout


Chris with his 53.5″ x 28″ Rowan Lake Giant


Rich Vaughan’s June Muskie


John Helmick’s June Muskie


Gerald Helmick’s June Muskie




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Pat Alexander along with his wife Cheryl and two sons, own and operate Alexander's on Rowan Lake. Alexander's Fly-In Lodge is a wilderness fishing camp located northeast of Nestor Falls, Ontario. Rowan Lake offers exceptional fishing for lake trout, walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and world-class trophy muskie.