Rowan Lake Muskie Opener

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The opener was quite different this past opening weekend.  The water level is very high and the surface temps were quite cool in the low 60’s.   We caught big fish on reefs when it was cloudy and now the sun is finally out and the temps are risking nicely which should even make the fishing better.

Yesterday a guest of ours who never been fishing for muskies caught a 50″ on a rattle trap.  It was a giant not spawned yet.  Silvia Spitzer caught a 49″ in the evening in a bay I was lucky enough to get a 47″ on a small Dadson blade bait.   Another guest was on the lake for his first 10 minutes and got a personal best of 50″ and his fishing partner went up into Miners Bay and got a 54″ .  Two very excited guys!   His son said he has never seen any thing like that and asked,. “Do people swim in here”?   I just laughed, and said, “at your own risk”.  All other fishing has been very good.  A 23.5″small was caught the other day …a beauty for sure.

Well that’s it for now.  I have to get back on the water and we’ve got a full camp so it’s crazy busy right now!

More reports and pics coming soon…

Later.. I gotta go!

~ Don


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Pat Alexander along with his wife Cheryl and two sons, own and operate Alexander's on Rowan Lake. Alexander's Fly-In Lodge is a wilderness fishing camp located northeast of Nestor Falls, Ontario. Rowan Lake offers exceptional fishing for lake trout, walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and world-class trophy muskie.