What else to bring

What Else to Bring to Alexander's on Rowan Lake
You should bring layers of clothing to cover all types of weather and be sure to pack your rain gear (a must) and rubber boots. Remember your personal items and medicine. Toss in a battery powered alarm clock, sunscreen, lip ice and insect repellent and by all means don’t forget your camera. You also need your rods, reels, tackle and a flashlight. At our housekeeping cabins you need to include your own food, paper towels, toilet tissue, stringer, plastic bags and fillet knife.

Personal Item Checklist

___ Passport or certified birth certificate (For customs)
___ Wallet | Purse (3 pieces of I.D. 1 photo I.D.)
___ Medication (if required)
___ Ontario Fishing License (Purchase before your flight)
___ Lip Balm
___ Alarm Clock (batteries)
___ Clothing (Plan to dress in Layers when out fishing)
___ Underwear and Socks
___ Coat (warm fall jacket)
___ Boots (Gortex or insulated rubber)
___ Shoes (Tennis shoes or loafers)
___ Gloves (Neoprene for cold water)
___ Hat
___ Wool Socks (2 pair)
___ Rain Suit (jacket and pants)
___ Fishing Rods and rod case
___ Reels
___ Tackle Box
___ Leaders
___ Fish Stringer
___ Pocket Knife
___ Filet Knife
___ Water bottle
___ First Aid Kit
___ Compass or Handheld GPS (Rowan Lake map will be provided)
___ Flashlight or Headlamp
___ Camera | Camcorder (lots of film & batteries for digital models)
___ Sun Screen (with good protection)
___ Bug Repellent
___ Sunglasses (polarized)
___ Shaving Kit (personal items)
___ Water-proof Bag (to carry extra clothing and gear in the boat)
___ PFD – Personal Floatation Device (If you prefer your own)

The following items are optional but should be considered for your type of fishing trip:

___ Hook cutter, hook file, pliers to remove hooks, other fishing tools
___ Muskie net (oversize)
___ Tape ruler or other fishing measuring device
___ Video camera
___ WiFi device (smart phone, tablet, laptop) if needing to contact office or check e-mail via our WiFi network
___ Personal Beverages
___ Personal Snacks

Many of our guests bring their Smart Phones to Alexander’s on Rowan Lake as the Camera / Video apps will get a workout taking lot’s fish pictures / videos…don’t plan to call anyone with it when you are here…it won’t work and that’s just fine with you!


This includes everything from bait to beverages, so don't bring what you won't need because YOU'LL BE CHARGED EXTRA FOR OVERWEIGHT BAGGAGE.