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2018 Ontario Fishing Licenses and Ontario Outdoors Cards are NOT available at Alexander’s On Rowan Lake Lodge.

Ontario Fishing License

Purchase your Ontario Non-Resident Fishing License Online
    • Click Here to Get Started   NOTE: We Highly Encourage you to purchase your Fishing License and Outdoors Card Online before you depart on your trip!

Your 2018 8-day or seasonal, regular or conservation fishing licenses and Ontario Outdoors Card (see below) need to be purchased prior to your flight. If you didn’t purchase these items online, we suggest picking up your license at the Angler’s Pro Shop located at the north end of Nestor Falls next to Dalseg’s grocery store. The Cloverleaf grocery store in Emo located on the north side of Hwy 11 also sells fishing licenses as well.  We cannot guarantee the Electronic Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources License System will be operating at these locations.


(Note: Prices below are in Canadian funds and include all Canadian Sales Taxes)

Non-Canadian Resident Outdoors Card
(Note: All anglers 18 years of age and over must purchase this Outdoors Card and one of the fishing license options below)
– Plus –
Sports Fishing License $84.96
Conservation Fishing License $52.78
8 Day Sport Fishing License $54.67
8 Day Conservation Fishing License $31.10

Note: Rates may change effective January 1, 2018

Nonresidents under 18 may fish without a license if accompanied by a licensed family member. Any fish caught by such an unlicensed angler will legally be part of the catch and possession limits of the person who holds the license.

Conservation Fishing licenses (resident and nonresident) involve lower catch and possession limits for various fish species than regular licenses.  Please read the description of the Sport and Conservation Fishing Licenses below to help you choose which license option is best for you.







Click here to view 2018 Fishing Ontario Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary

Regular License (Conservation License) 2018 Fishing Season Dates
Lake Trout, Limit 2 (1) January 1 to September 30
Northern Pike, Limit 4 (2) All Year
Largemouth Bass, Limit 4 (2) All Year
Walleye, Limit 4 (2) May 19
Muskie, 54″ Minimum (0) June 16 to November 30

Ontario Outdoors Card





You need an Outdoors Card before you can buy licence tags to fish or hunt in Ontario.

There are two types of Outdoors Cards. If you want to fish only you’ll need a fishing-version Outdoors Card; if you want to hunt only you’ll need a hunting-version Outdoors Card. If you want to both fish and hunt you’ll need a hunting-version Outdoors Card. In all cases you will need to purchase licence tags for the fish or game you wish to pursue, and carry them with your Outdoors Card.  If you already have an Outdoors Card make sure it is up to date.  You may need to renew an old card.

In order to get your first Fishing Outdoors Card, you’ll need to have the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your mailing and residential address
  • Your height and eye color

Click here to purchase your Ontario Fishing License and Outdoor Card online.

Ontario Department of Natural Resources

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